Wondering whether or not to buy a repossessed property? The good news is – now is the right time to buy!

South Africa’s residential property price growth is slowing down. Due to the economical recovery, property prices are remaining reasonably stable, while the lower interest rate is making life easier for all of us.

This gives would-be property owners a chance to get into the property market. Despite a slow start for the property market in 2011, an improvement can be seen. Due to the low interest rate, individuals are now able to qualify for larger loan amounts or pay lower installments.

With the interest rates being so low nowadays, combined with all the available repossessed properties (where you can get great bargains), the logic would be to buy now. Repossessed properties of all shapes and sizes, for different individual needs, can now be viewed online at www.myroof.co.za.

This is a great time to buy repossessed properties, given all the factors so why not start looking for your dream home today?

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