Norscot Manor is on the corner of Leslie Street and William Nicol Drive in Fourways, a suburb of Sandton, located north of Johannesburg.

Norscot Manor was the manor house of a game farm in the early 1920's. The Erikson family who owned the game farm chose Norscot Manor because of their cultural heritage, this being Scottish and Norwegian. The property on the corner of Leslie Streets and William Nicol Drive now serves as Norscot Manor Recreation Centre. This house was built in the Cape Dutch style.

When the land was being sold of piece by piece the Manor House was given to the City Council of Johannesburg during the 1970s.

The town council then renamed the suburb Norscot. Norscot certainly inspires the illusion of wealth when you drive through the residential suburb and is well located within the greater Sandton metropolitan. As with many other suburbs the move was away from high-rise cramped living.

Suburbs surrounding Norscot add to the property value along with constant development taking place around the suburb. Bryanston for one has had an injection and revival in terms of commercial development, and is walking distance from Norscot up William Nicol Drive.

The Monte Casino development has brought many visitors to Norscot, and this had prickled the fancy of many property investors. This is good for business and property value. House prices are from affordable to the stately mansions. If you are considering the north of Johannesburg as a property investment, then Norscot will not be a mistake. The Fourways mall is just a few blocks down to the north or Fourways Crossing on the east side of the road.

Randburg is to the south of Norscot and this too is a sought after suburb. Access to other suburbs is a breeze and a trip to Pretoria can be done on the N1, N14 or past Diepsloot.

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