• Does SA Home Loans sell properties via online auctions?
  • No, MyRoof.co.za advertises and lists SA Home Loans mandated properties. Offers are made directly to the financial institution.
  • Is MyRoof an estate agency for SA Home Loans?
  • No. MyRoof provides a platform for SA Home Loans to list properties. MyRoof operates as a property advertising portal that allows the public and estate agents to view property in a secure, easily accessible and current manner.
  • Does SA Home Loans sell properties to make a profit?
  • No. SA Home Loans main objective is to get the best possible offer and minimize the indebtedness of the owner. SA Home Loans attempts to cover the costs incurred
  • On what grounds does SA Home Loans accept or reject an offer?
  • SA Home Loans accepts or declines offers on a property at its sole and unbiased discretion. SA Home Loans considers the following factors:
    The method of securing the purchase price.
    The number of offers previously received.
    The number of previous offers accepted by the Bank where the transfer was unsuccessful for whatsoever reason.
    Therefore, it might be possible that the highest offer on a particular property is not accepted due to any of these reasons.
  • Why is my offer rejected so quickly?
  • Properties are advertised at market value, a minimum offer may be required on a particular property. Thus, if an offer is submitted below this amount it will automatically be rejected, and the prospective buyer will be notified via e-mail.
  • Are all offers on any given property considered?
  • Yes. All offers are logged on a central database where SA Home Loans will review and consider them.
  • What happens when I make an offer on a property?
  • There are four steps involved in making an offer on a SA Home Loans property on MyRoof.co.za.
    Step 1: Making the actual offer on MyRoof.co.za
    When you make an offer it is received by SA Home Loans and reviewed for consideration. MyRoof will e-mail you confirming receipt of the offer as well as your details and the property details.
    Step 2: Your offer will be provisionally accepted or declined by SA Home Loans
    If SA Home Loans provisionally accepts your offer you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions, which verifies that your offer has been accepted in principle. MyRoof will also contact you to confirm this. If you choose to proceed, you are required to complete the Offer to Purchase within the specified time and return it as specified. The offer will then be sent to the owner of the property for their acceptance. Should you fail to respond in good time SA Home Loans reserves the right to accept alternative offers.
    If SA Home Loans declines your offer, you will receive an e-mail to that effect. You are welcome to make another offer!
    Step 3: Completing the Offer to Purchase
    Once you have completed your Offer to Purchase and sent through within the specified time, it is your responsibility to contact MyRoof on 0861 697 663 to confirm that the Offer to Purchase has been received. If you are purchasing a Sell Assist property, you must complete the Offer to Purchase document that your estate agent will supply. The Offer to Purchase will be sent to the financial intitution and presented to the seller. Once the offer has been accepted, MyRoof will notify you and send you a copy of the signed Offer to Purchase.
    Step 4: Arranging Bond Financing
    After acceptance of your offer you have 14 business days to arrange for Bond financing. Should you be unsuccessful in securing finance within this time-frame SA Home Loans reserves the right to terminate the transaction and accept an alternate offer on the property in question. All decisions and actions by SA Home Loans in this regard are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • How secure are my personal details on the MyRoof.co.za website?
  • Data exchanged with MyRoof.co.za is kept on a secure server and never provided to any third parties. The only information needed to make full use of the website is the user’s contact details.
  • How do I stop receiving e-mails?
  • Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail you have received. Please note that you will have to unsubscribe from each individual property you’ve made an offer on.


  • SA Home Loans does NOT sell properties via online auction – repossessed properties are listed on the MyRoof.co.za website.

SA Home Loans does not guarantee vacant occupation.

After the purchaser has inspected the property, he/she agrees and accepts the risks associated with the property.

If there is an error in the description of the property, such error will not be binding on the parties, who will in such an event be entitled to rectification of this agreement to describe the property as set out in the seller’s title deed.

It is agreed that the seller is obliged only to provide the purchaser with the keys that it has in its possession.

The seller will have no liability should it be found that the electrical wiring, installations and connections are faulty in the buildings on the property.

The purchaser buy the property "as is" without warranty or any further representation as to its condition, nature or extent and subject to such conditions and servitudes as are mentioned or referred to in the current title deed or that have been imposed by law. The seller will not be answerable for any deficiency in the nature or extent of the property.

SA Home Loans will not accept any offer to purchase that is subject to the sale of an existing property.

No renovations or alterations may be done to the property prior to registration of the property in the purchaser's name.

Fees payable by purchaser: Transfer and registration costs are for the account of the purchaser.

Occupation of the property: The financial institution does not guarantee vacant occupation of the property. Should the property be occupied, the purchaser will have to obtain vacant occupation at his/her own cost.

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