• Does Absa sell properties via online auctions?
  • No. MyRoof.co.za advertises and lists Absa’s repossessed, mandated and trust properties. When you submit an offer on a property you are not bidding against anyone else. Previous offers are merely indicated as a way for prospective buyers to establish the value of any given property. Absa will inform a prospective buyer when other offers are made on a property to afford them the opportunity to increase their offer if they so wish.
  • On what grounds does Absa accept or reject an offer?
  • Absa accepts or declines offers on a property at its sole and unbiased discretion. Absa considers the following factors:
    • The method of payment.
    • The number of offers previously made by any person.
    • The number of previous offers that were accepted by Absa where the transaction was unsuccessful for whatever reason.
    • The duration for which the property has been in the Bank’s possession.
    Therefore, it may be possible that the highest offer on a particular property is not accepted due to any of these reasons.
  • Is MyRoof an estate agency for Absa?
  • No. MyRoof provides a platform for Absa to list properties. MyRoof operates as a property advertising portal that allows the public and estate agents to view and buy property in a secure, easily accessible and current manner.
  • Does Absa sell properties to make a profit?
  • No. Absa’s main objective is to minimize the default indebtedness of the property’s previous owner. Absa does attempt to cover the costs incurred through the purchase of the property and sale in execution process.
  • Why is my offer rejected so quickly?
  • In order to lessen the previous owner’s debt, a minimum offer may be required on a particular property. Thus, if an offer is submitted below this amount it will automatically be rejected and the prospective buyer will be notified via e-mail.
  • Are all offers on any given property considered?
  • Yes. All offers are logged on a central database where Absa will review and consider them.
  • Why can I make an offer on a property when a transaction is already in progress?
  • Absa may consider alternate offers should the current transaction fail for any reason.
  • How many offers are received per month and per property?
  • Absa can receive up to 200 offers on a single property while an average of 8000 offers are made per month.
  • What happens when I make an offer on a property?
  • There are four steps involved in making an offer on an Absa property on MyRoof.co.za.

    Step 1: Making the actual offer on MyRoof.co.za
    When you make an offer it is received by Absa and reviewed for consideration. MyRoof will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of the offer as well as your details and the property details.

    Step 2: Your offer will be accepted or declined by Absa
    If Absa accepts your offer you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the Offer to Purchase, which verifies that your offer has been accepted on principle. MyRoof will also contact you to confirm this. If you choose to proceed, you are required to complete the Offer to Purchase within 48 hours and return it to Absa via fax, along with the supporting documentation stipulated in the confirmation e-mail. Please also note that the deposit also needs to be paid in this same 48 hour time-frame, and proof thereof will need to be sent to MyRoof. Should you fail to respond in good time Absa reserves the right to accept alternative offers. If Absa declines your offer, you will receive an e-mail to that effect. You are welcome to make another offer!

    Step 3: Completing the Offer to Purchase
    Once you have completed your Offer to Purchase and sent it to Absa within 48 hours from notification of acceptance, it is your responsibility to contact MyRoof on 0861 697 663 to confirm that the Offer to Purchase has been received by Absa in good order. When Absa countersigns the Offer to Purchase the offer is deemed formally accepted. MyRoof will then contact you to inform you that the offer has been countersigned and formally accepted by Absa.

    Step 4: Arranging Bond Financing
    After acceptance of your offer you have 21 business days to arrange for Bond financing. Should you be unsuccessful in securing financing within this time-frame Absa reserves the right to terminate the transaction and accept an alternate offer on the property in question. All decisions and actions by Absa in this regard are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Who owns the Absa properties in possession?
  • All repossessed properties listed by Absa were previously bonded by Absa. When the previous owner defaulted on their financial obligations the property was put up for sale at public auction. When a property does not reach its asking price it is bought by Absa. As such, properties in possession are registered to, or in the process of being registered to, Absa.
  • How long does it take to register a repossessed property?
  • The process of registering a repossessed property in an individual’s name is more complex than a transfer between private individuals. Absa endeavours to make the process as swift as possible, but the registration may take between 4 and 6 months. However, buyers do have the option of occupying vacant properties by paying occupational rent to Absa.
  • How secure are my personal details on the MyRoof.co.za website?
  • Data exchanged with MyRoof.co.za is kept on a secure server and never provided to any third parties. The only information needed to make full use of the website is the user’s contact details.
  • How do I stop receiving e-mails?
  • Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail you have received. Please note that you will have to unsubscribe from each individual property you’ve made an offer on.


  • Absa does NOT sell properties via online auction – repossessed properties are listed on the MyRoof.co.za website. You can make an offer on a property which is then accepted or declined by Absa.
  • Absa owns properties in possession and as such reserves the right to accept or decline offers at their sole discretion.
  • MyRoof will contact prospective buyers throughout the purchasing process.

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