GPS -26.6678,28.0178 (OFF MARIBOU) - MR077502

Land in Three Rivers, Gauteng - Meyerton, Three Rivers, Gauteng

R 400,000 to R 800,000

Standard Bank SIE Sale In Execution Property

Property to be sold on sheriff auction "as is"

Auction Date: 31 Jan 2013 at 10:00

GPS -26.6678,28.0178 (OFF MARIBOU) - MR077502
Land in Three Rivers, Gauteng - Meyerton, Three Rivers, Gauteng
R 400,000 to R 800,000
Standard Bank SIE Sale In Execution Land for Sale For Sale in Three Rivers - MR077502

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Key Features

  • Property Type - Land
  • Seller Type - Standard Bank SIE Sale In Execution
  • Erf Size - 1339m2
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    Sheriff Auction

    Conditions of sale at a sheriff auction:
    A sale agreement is signed by the sheriff and the buyer. The buyer's responsibilities include:

    • Paying a deposit of 10% of the purchase price in cash or a bank guaranteed cheque, immediately on buying.
    • Paying commission on date of purchase by the buyer.
    • Guarantees for the balance of the purchase price, together with interest within 14 or 30 days
    • The buyer is responsible for the payment of any outstanding levies, water and electricity, rates and taxes.
    • The buyer is responsible for occupation of the property

    A sale in execution is a public auction held by a Sheriff of the Court. This means a court order has been obtained by us to attach and sell the property to recover the money that has not been repaid on a home loan. We cannot accept or decline offers on these properties as we are not the legal owners. These properties are advertised in the Government Gazette as well as in any two local newspapers distributed in the area in which the property is situated. We also market these properties to estate agents and the public.

    Costs involved:
    • The Sheriff's commission is based on the purchase price and is calculated as follows
      • 6% on the first R30 000 plus VAT
      • 3,5% on the balance of the price
    • The minimum commission payable is R440 plus VAT and the maximum R8 750 plus VAT.

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    Notes by Standard Bank

    This is a Standard Bank Sale In Execution SIE Property. Email any queries to

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    If you require finance for this property, you can apply at any bank for a bond, as you would do on any other property. You need to take the signed Offer to Purchase to them with the application documentation. Read Standard Bank frequently asked questions for more info about Standard Bank SIE Sale In Execution Property

    Standard Bank Disclaimer
    This list is produced by the Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd ("the Bank") for information purposes only. All properties are sold "voetstoots" (meaning as is), and prospective purchasers' are advised that the Bank does not guarantee vacant occupation of the properties being sold, and purchasers will have to obtain vacant occupation at their own cost. You are advised to consult the relevant Deeds Registry Office for accurate information pertaining to a particular property, such as size, endorsements, servitudes etc. By making an offer on any property advertised on, online, or using any other medium you warrant that you understand that making an offer is not a bidding process and Standard Bank, in its sole and unbiased discretion, and for whatever reason retains the right to accept or reject any offer at any time for whatever reason and is not obliged to accept the highest offer. All users of the information on this website do so at their own risk. Neither the Bank nor will be liable for any losses of whatsoever nature incurred, as a direct or indirect result of the use of the information on this list.

    Erf Details: GPS -26.6678,28.0178 (OFF MARIBOU) - ERF 1198

    Notes about this property by MyRoof

    This land is for sale in Three Rivers. This is a Standard Bank SIE Sale In Execution Property .The following description of this suburb will give you a better idea of Three Rivers. Three Rivers is a beautiful area next to the Vaal River in Vereeniging. Home to the Three Rivers Shopping Centre and Vereeniging Golf Course.

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    Neighbouring Areas

    Meyerton , Three Rivers , Rothdene

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